BAZZCO, the company that has been in the local and regional market since 1980. Besides experience and knowledge and we are the first factory in the Middle East to manufacture fuel enhancing additives, in addition to Polyurethane, PVC, and neoprene adhesives, distilled water, antifreeze water, and ADBLUE that controls and decreases pollution that results from fuel engine&apos's emissions.

We are capable and have been producing every single component of our products franchised and licensed by Kinda Farbin. Since 1980 we have engineered the best mixture of the top quality materials in order to get the finest products on the way to maintain the best possible results. Moreover, these products are being well-recognized and appreciated in the Middle East region thanks to our distribution methods and in continuous cooperation with significant establishments whom are the pioneers in this field such as KINDA FARBIN, Buyer, and DEWPOINT.

These companies have attested our products quality and authenticated it. It has successfully founded an establishment that was an upshot of the private partnership between KORO and AL-KELANI family that has a long history in working and cooperating with local, regional and global crude oil refineries. We have showrooms in Damascus and in Beirut, especially, in Adra Industrial area

We do have the required technology and professional capabilities to assist in the technical and commercial perspectives, this support comes from our desire to assist our clients, and from the professionalism that we were building for years based on experience and industrial knowledge as our company is industrially and commercially certified in the local and the region.

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Our Services

Retailer sales :

You can get BAZZACO products packaged or unpackaged in barrels, containers, or in cistern, proportional with our capacity and according to the quality of the product.

After-sales services :

BAZZACO work team keen on after-sales services as a permanent pledges for the quality of products and credence of treatment. Whereas our goods guaranted whence the quality and the value during the period of expiration.

Other services :

You can deal it with the company's management